1. On the Road || Petrified Forest National Park

    I just spent 6 days on the road visiting a menagerie of different places.
    My goal was to fulfill a promise to myself, to make it to the Giant Sequoias
    by the time I was 25. I made it at precisely
    24 years 10 months and 26 days
    old, I saw my first ( of many ) Giant Sequoias and I could not be happier
    about it. After over 3200 miles and some where around 2000 images, I am
    home and realizing there is something out there calling me, and I need to
    find it. I’m planning on posting the photos I
    find interesting over the next couple of days and probably weeks.
    This one is of sunset just outside of
    the Petrified Forest National Park.


  2. Moon Study

    Denton, Tx

    Lately, I’ve had a lot of emotional flux in my life: guy problems, work, etc. All of which is slightly exhausting. However, I am just trying to stay on track.
    I leave for an eight day long road trip in just under two weeks, and
    I am so excited but also a little scared. Being on the road for so long is
    one of my very favorite things to do, but I am a little afraid to be left
    to my thoughts for so long. Regardless, it will be a wonderful and growing
    experience. Things around and within me are changing, but the moon has
    been my constant lately.


  3. ed-kward:

    Ed Sheeran covers Sam Smith’s, Stay With Me on R1 Live Lounge

    I swear this is the last time I reblog this. But I updated that audio file with the BBC1 video which has HD quality.

    Here’s the download link for it

    (Source: oldedsheeran, via josh89867)


  4. Iron and Wine

    For On Tour Monthly Magazine || Dallas, Tx

    So, the reason I discovered Iron and Wine is because of his
    cover of “Such Great Heights” by the Postal Service, which I 
    don’t especially love. However, when I found out he was coming
    to Dallas with Death Cab for Cutie, I decided to give him a 
    second chance and really enjoyed listening to and watching
    him play live. 


  5. Josh the Box.

    J&J’s Pizza || Denton, Tx

    This is my friend Josh, who I realized last night, I’ve know for (almost)
    10 years. He’s a fantastic walking advertisement and an even better human
    (even when you can actually see his face). I don’t get to see him that often
    but this dude is doing some things that I am incredibly proud of him for.

    He’s a comedian, you should check him out on twitter.



  6. Character

    J&J’s Pizza || Denton, Tx

    This dude had a show last night, and as (almost) always, I was there.
    It’s always a rad time seeing my friends pursue what they really love doing
    and I’m just lucky to be there to document it. This guy has been my friend
    for about five years now and it’s been a radical watching him grow
    and turn into the lovely and talented gentleman he is today.


  7. Stratosphere

    The unfortunate circumstance of being a person completely enamored with
    the idea of flight, and the sciences of the earth and weather does
    not coincide well with someone whom also, experiences intense
    motion sickness. Motion sickness is something I’ve dealt with my entire
    life as far as my memory serves, I don’t enjoy theme parks, boats, and
    especially terrible are airplanes. Back in 2011, it was suggested that
    I try using Dramamine to remedy my problem and while it decreased
    how sick I felt, it was mostly because I was knocked out cold. This time
    around I tried a different dosage, and while I still felt that general “uneasy”
    feeling, it was nice to enjoy the view out the window.


  8. Shaina

    Lake Ray Roberts || Pilot Point, Tx

    A portrait from a couple months ago that I sort of just rediscovered,
    and realized I never posted. It just so eerie. I love it.


  9. The Subway

    New York City

    I’ve always had somewhat of a fondness for trains and train stations.
    Perhaps its the fact that, when I lived in Chicago, I used to hear
    the train down the block go by several times a day, traveling
    on the AMTRAK to visit family, or maybe it was my first year of college,
    taking the DART train in Dallas to school every day. Regardless, I love
    trains and their stations because there are people, and I love to people
    watch. This was just a quick snap (of honestly probably hundreds) in
    the subways of NYC and something about it is, just, perfect to me.


  10. Shae

    Central Park || Manhattan, NY

    So some of you might recognize this lady from some portraits I did of her
    several months ago. This time we made it to New York City, and wandered
    around to take some portraits. It was my first time in NYC or anywhere
    near the east coast, and it went by waaaaay too quickly, but I rode
    the subway, and had conversations with a lot of super ( and surprisingly)
    nice people. I’m super stoked to go back and visit some time soon and explore some more.