1. Justin Box

    Downtown || Fort Worth, Tx

     You guys… there are just not enough great things I can say about
    this gentleman right here. I’ve known him probably about seven years
    now, and this guy, although I don’t see him much, is probably one of
    my very favorite people. He has always supported me as an artist
    and I only hope he knows that I am behind him and everything he does
    100%. He, also, totally gets my love for Back to the Future.

     Today we, along with his wonderful wife Lindsay, hung out, shot
    some new portraits for him and had dinner. He told me about his new
    career endevours and I am beyond stoked for the changes he’s making
    and can’t wait to see where it all takes him.


  2. Robyn & Andrew

    Hubbard Hall || Denton, Tx

    Today, I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful celebration
    for Robyn and Andrew. I, sort of, knew Robyn in high school, and we have
    really only remained in contact via Facebook. She connected with me about
    shooting her wedding and obviously I accepted. It was a beautiful
    ceremony, and I had the pleasure of working alongside a couple of
    other former classmates who were shooting video and I even knew the DJ.

    The venue was wonderful and allowed for all natural light right up until the
    the end of the reception. Overall today went just as well as it could, and I
    am so excited for them to start their adventure together.


  3. Home is…

    Denton, Texas

    Lately, I’ve been having a pretty sizable amount of anxiety,
    and while some of it is legitimate, other parts of the anxiety
    are definitely fueled from some life decisions I am facing at this

    Questions like “What am I doing?” and “Where do I go from here?”
    have been tossed around in my brain, quite a bit the last month or so.
    Along with dealing with some emotional issues that I’ve just been sweeping
    aside for a little too long.

    I found this quote that I wrote down and double exposed (in camera) over
    a self portrait, that I feel is a fairly decent representative of me at the end of
    each day, once the adrenaline and caffeine have worn off and I have been
    feeling just plain, worn down.

    Luckily, I’m taking a vacation starting tomorrow evening, and hopefully
    getting recharged to deal with these decisions.


  4. Tim Delaughter of The Polyphonic Spree

    Fair Park || Dallas, Tx

    For anyone that’s been following my Flickr stream for a while,
    which, that is probably like 3 of you that follow me here, I have
    shot photos of this band several times while attending their shows.
    Their music was definitely something very different as far as my taste
    went back in 2007, but my friend Ryan loved them and we listened to
    them in his car a whole lot.
    Recently I found out they were playing a free show in Dallas, and Ryan
    and I, along with my roommate decided to attend and this
    amphitheater/clamshell/stage plus the always enthusiastic Tim,
    made for some nice photos and another rad memory.

    Thanks guys.


  5. Michael Cera || Mister Heavenly

    35 Conferette 2011 || Denton, Tx

    Just going through photos and was watching “Nick and Norah’s Infinite
    Playlist” tonight and remembering the time I shot photos of Michael Cera
    for the 35 Conferette, now better known as 35 Denton, in 2011. This seems
    like forever ago, but it’s a cool little memory to look back on.


  6. A flower from Emma Joan

    The Garvey House || Fort Worth, Tx

    Just finishing up some photos from a couple weeks ago, and I really
    always surprise myself whenever I have to opportunity to shoot photos of
    children. You can never know what to expect and honestly,
    I think some of the portraits I am most proud of,
    have been of kids. I had the opportunity to
    take pictures of this really wonderful family and their mother and I couldn’t
    be more stoked about it.


  7. Shaina || Afternoon at the Lake

    Pilot Point, Tx || April 20, 2014

    This morning, Shaina and I, having no plans went out to the lake to walk
    and shoot some photos. The sky was overcast and the weather was sort
    of perfect so we explored some places I had previously not been to at
    Lake Ray Roberts State Park and ended up on this dock just sharing
    some real human moments of serenity and blowing bubbles. I snapped
    this while doing so.


  8. Emma Joan

    The Garvey House || Fort Worth, Tx

    So I have had this project in mind, and this is where is begins. This is
    Emma, and she is one of five children of my friend Jessica Smith.
    She is a co-worker whom I went to with the idea of doing some family
    portraits with a sort of Royal Tenenabaum-esque thought process.
    Shooting these photos made me think a little bit differently and had
    definitely taken me out of the comfort zone of my normal work
    flow and I really like that. Stay tuned for more of these.


  9. Amy and Blake || Fort Worth, Texas

    I’m definitely not a wedding photographer, however, I have photographed
    a few weddings. Usually, I reserve shooting weddings for people I know
    personally. This one, in particular, was a great opportunity as I have 
    formally shot portraits of this wonderful girl more than once.
    I love being given the opportunity to photograph the same people across 
    time, I love the concept of watching people go through changes throughout their life.
    This was a great wedding in a beautiful church and I’m stoked to have been apart of this wonderful day.


  10. Natalie || Basking in the Sun

    Lake Ray Roberts State Park || Pilot Point, Tx

    Lately on my days off, which is a whopping two days a week,
    I find myself wanting to “get away.” However, when I think of the
    phrase “get away” I realize that there isn’t really anything I’m looking
    to leave behind but rather I’m just hungry to discover, see and experience
    new things with new people. Which, coming from someone who is
    somewhat of an introvert, is both weird and wonderful. While this state park
    isn’t necessarily new territory, I find an odd and calm peace here and
    I like exposing other people to it in hopes that they find something in it
    as well.