1. Emma Joan

    The Garvey House || Fort Worth, Tx

    So I have had this project in mind, and this is where is begins. This is
    Emma, and she is one of five children of my friend Jessica Smith.
    She is a co-worker whom I went to with the idea of doing some family
    portraits with a sort of Royal Tenenabaum-esque thought process.
    Shooting these photos made me think a little bit differently and had
    definitely taken me out of the comfort zone of my normal work
    flow and I really like that. Stay tuned for more of these.


  2. Amy and Blake || Fort Worth, Texas

    I’m definitely not a wedding photographer, however, I have photographed
    a few weddings. Usually, I reserve shooting weddings for people I know
    personally. This one, in particular, was a great opportunity as I have 
    formally shot portraits of this wonderful girl more than once.
    I love being given the opportunity to photograph the same people across 
    time, I love the concept of watching people go through changes throughout their life.
    This was a great wedding in a beautiful church and I’m stoked to have been apart of this wonderful day.


  3. Natalie || Basking in the Sun

    Lake Ray Roberts State Park || Pilot Point, Tx

    Lately on my days off, which is a whopping two days a week,
    I find myself wanting to “get away.” However, when I think of the
    phrase “get away” I realize that there isn’t really anything I’m looking
    to leave behind but rather I’m just hungry to discover, see and experience
    new things with new people. Which, coming from someone who is
    somewhat of an introvert, is both weird and wonderful. While this state park
    isn’t necessarily new territory, I find an odd and calm peace here and
    I like exposing other people to it in hopes that they find something in it
    as well.


  4. Character

    J&J’s Pizza || Denton, Tx

    My friend “Character” had a show with some local and not so local hip
    hop artists about two weeks ago, I’m just now going through the images
    and happened upon this one.


  5. Lantern

    Near Old Alton Road || Denton, Texas

    I was challenged to create a body of work, for my Portfolio Development
    class. I, then, challenged myself to create a body of work that has a story
    to it. I’m going off of an image I created a couple weeks ago with Shaina and I am so surprised by the creativity that has come to me with this


  6. Denton to Lubbock || January

    Well, one of my oldest friends had her wedding this weekend
    in Lubbock, Tx. Over the years I’ve known tons of people that
    have attended Texas Tech University, but I have never made
    the trek out there myself, so this was a first. A friend and I made
    the 5-hour commute starting around midnight from Denton.
    It was nice to have the constellation Orion, hanging out with us
    on the horizon for most of the trip and it was a nice trip away from the
    light pollution of DFW.


  7. In the Stairwell || Shaina

    Duck Manor || Denton, Tx

    Obviously, I’ve had a bit of spooky inspiration happening
    lately and the best part is… I kind of love it. This is my wonderful
    friend and impeccable photographer, Shaina Sheaff. Our friendship
    began how any other friendship begins, completely on the whim
    of chance. She is brave, loyal, and one hell of a funny lady.
    She came to me with the idea of shooting some photos in her
    mother’s wedding dress, but was not wanting to look “wedding-y.”
    I got a couple of solid shots but something about this one just
    really stuck out to me.

    If you’ve got some time, go cry tears of happiness from
    looking at her website and blog and all the wonderful couples she photographs:

    Shaina’s Website

    Shaina’s Blog


  8. Reid

    The Square || Denton, Tx

    I met Reid when he was 14, I was actually a friend of his older
    brother. Over these last seven years, I watched this kid grow into
    a hell of a man. He’s one of the most genuine and caring people I have
    ever met and (He’s single ladies). I’m glad I still have the opportunity to
    photograph him after all this time.


  9. Natalie
    Old Alton Road || Denton, Tx
    Natalie and I have known each other a couple of years, and she
    is someone I really have learned a lot from as far as standing up for loving
    exactly who you are. She is outspoken, and just as wonderful as she can
    be. We both had the day off and I approached her with an American Horror
    Story styled shoot, because I’ve recently binged on Season 1 and 2 in
    the current two week absence of Coven. I had a lot of fun, and if you
    feel so inclined you should head over to her tumblr and tell her she’s great

    Natalie’s Tumblr


  10. Nicole was cold.

    Denton Snowmageddon 2013 || Denton, Tx

    It’s not really snowing, it just been raining ice for the last couple hours.
    I was able to coax my roommates out of the house to let me shoot,
    some portraits of them and I really loved this middle moment of Nicole.